Yesterday, i woke in der’s house breathing in the fresh air from a high rise flat (i live on the 4th floor and never had that). It felt refreshing and cooling.

The first thing that came to my mind was.. Why hadn’t i liked mornings?

Somehow, i silently told myself that i could attempt to wake up earlier. Just for that cool, refreshing whiff of fresh air. Before i slept last night, i set my alarm to 6.50am instead of the usual 7.30am. With a little bit of snooze thrown in, i woke at 7.10am today.

No refreshing whiff of fresh air. No, not on the 4th floor at least, but somehow, it felt good. Worked on my overdue press release for a good 30mins before popping into the bath. Lovely.

Now, i just hope there’s no jam so that i can be on time at work.

It’s friday and it’s the weekend! The week has been great! Knock off timings for the week –
monday 5.20pm
tuesday 6.15pm
wednesday 6.25pm
thursday 4.15pm

ok. Mon and thursday is a little unrealistic on usual days. On mondays, the team had 1hr time off and yesterday, i had a survey at jurong point that ended really really early. But i could try to work with 6.30pm on most days! That is, if i am not the only person handling a launch!

Am trying to be a little ambition to tie up my work for the october window by next week, which is effectively 2 campaign windows ahead. Looking at the 1 month long leave my colleague’s taking, i don’t think i can cope with the workload in sept/oct if i don’t start on it now!

The strain in my neck/back is still hurting like mad. I feel like chopping off my head to ease the pain. =(

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