im slowly counting down to the end of the maternity leave and am not looking forward to it. while looking after 2 kiddos is tough and tiring, having friends going through the same period of motherhood with you and enjoying the same stretch of maternity leave is kinda fun.. there’s excitement in our days as we share stories in our whatsapp group chat, plan lunches and meet up, as well as playdates. there is also loads of laughter and discussion about everything under the sun so there is never a dull moment. i am also especially thankful that they are a bunch of very encouraging mums as well and always there to cheer you up if you have a rough day.


though there is one thing i gotta admit. planning lunch is quite a mind boggling task when it comes to the seating arrangement or restaurant selection. they need to be able to accomodate us all (and our babies/toddlers). and let’s face it, i have seen so many waitress/waiter jaw drop and in a loss in where to seat us when i say 5 adults and 5 babies, strollers and baby chairs included.


we had lunch at nan bei imperial treasure yesterday afternoon. 

one mum had to whip out the ipad to entertain her tod so that she can get some eating done and well, the rest of the tods get to enjoy it too! we dont judge because sometimes, you just need to have a ‘magical tool’ though it might not be an ipad. i have gone through that as well, so i can fully understand. we had the toddlers sitting on one end of the table so that they can interact and the babies on the other side.

and then we have supermum felicia because abel suddenly ditched his mum and decided that he wanted felicia. while felicia was happy to oblige, her ansel wasnt quite happy about sharing his mum so she was caught between 2 kiddos and it was hilarious. and yes, the rest of us just sat around and laugh.

moments like that are precious so i whipped out my phone to snap a picture. also because i am the only one with my hands free (jerry was strapped in the stroller) watching youtube on my phone and drinking his milk.

the kiddos also had some after meal interaction. captured some precious moments – jerry and ansel holding hands while walking around the mall. this was the best picture i could managed before they ran in separate directions.


we ended the day with diaper changing all the kiddos and some shopping (i am hunting down a camera that i wanna buy). the afternoons just whizz by without us realising!


if you are wondering, 4 of the mummies gave birth within 7 days of each other, 1 is a sahm and the other is currently on no pay leave.


and here’s my ootd for the day, super casual cos i needed someting fuss free to run after jerry in. 

uniqlo top, bershka pull & bear shorts [updated], lovisa chunky necklace, and christian dior sandals.