the news of the moving date is out and confirmed. 1st may (it’s a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!). into the new building that is.

i am so dreading it.. because..
(1) just when mich is moving closer to me, i am moving away!
(2) i hate the south bound human traffic in the train compared to me getting a seat every morning now.
(3) i hate the how bad the traffic at the new place will be (especially when the long bus journey looms)
(4) i’m moving into yet a boring industrial area
(5) i cannot stand the thought of going through ERP gantries if i am ever late for work
(6) i dread the thought of the 8.30am start time. 🙁

well, the only consolations that i can think of is..
– i can meet agnes and dee dee or all of my ex colleagues for lunch because we are nearer now!
– charles and keith office is around the area (wahaha. some of you would know why)
– johnny can bring me to lunch all the time (cos his office is beside charles and keith)
– and yes, the snookering days could make a come back! must tell johnny about this.

2.5 mths to go. must not bring anymore junk to the office these days. 🙂

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