Achieved 2 little milestones in the last week.
1) I survived a week without der when he went Aussie for work (but I had help from my mum)
2) I drove the little bub to the airport alone to receive him when he came back! This really deserves more cheer and well, at least I know I can head out by myself in the car. Helps that Jerry loves car rides. He always falls asleep in them. Frankly, I was a little hesitant about venturing out and was given stern looks from my mum when I expressed my intentions but I know, bringing Jerry to greet hubby when he touched down in Singapore would bring him great joy, and it was a small surprise of sorts. The only mishap was that der actually landed 30mins earlier and was standing there to receive me instead.

The day I drove out to get the Mao Shan power puffs from goodwood park. We popped by orchard for lunch, strolled around a bit and my mum went to shop at taka before we headed back home.

We bought loads of sushi for dinner.. Only to realize afterwards that my brother won’t be coming home that night. Both mum and me stuffed ourselves silly with these sushis and I’m swearing off Japanese food for a while with the todai visits and this!

Cockles love. I ate 1/2kg of these all by myself one fine morning.

Baby clams fried with chili and loads of garlic. On the same day, I had this for lunch. I so love shell food and boy, I really missed it badly when I was preggers. I also tempted the boy in Aussie when I whatsapp him the picture., bad idea cos I had to wake up early the morning he came back and went to the market to buy for him to satisfy his cravings. I think I played the joke on myself. Hurr..

Received some overdue love from new Zealand from James. These were sitting in jen’s fridge for almost 2 months?!

Upon der’s return, the family headed out for dinner at Marinetime steak house, my brother’s favourite steak place which is affordable and good with free parking to boot! I haven’t sank my teeth into raw meat for a very very long time so guess who is the happiest?

2 dozen of freshly shucked oysters, gone in a flash.

1.5 dozen of escargots.. Yummy goodness.

Der’s pan-fried sea bass with almond flakes. He is the non beef eater so opted for fish. This was nice but nothing to die for.

My mum, my brother and me all had the NZ tenderloin steak, done medium rare, served with different sauce. I had garlic, my brother had mushroom and my mum had black pepper.

Perfectly done, it was soft, tender and oh-so-good. I cleaned up my plate within minutes and was really really satisfied. Thinking back now, I’m salivating for more! argh. Am feeling hungry and it’s in the middle of the night now!

Everyone is asleep and Jerry is keeping me awake with all the noises he makes in his SLEEP.. but am really thankful that he is so much more manageable through the nights now. I still have nightmares of how it was when he was a newborn.

Ok. Better get some sleep in. Am turning panda already. Nights!

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