i had an expensive weekend. and my, the cost of living is really rising huh?! i didn’t think i did anything special.

the major major part was shopping, and eating. and no..i didn’t buy a lot (maybe that’s what i think!).

my buys..
– 2 levi’s jeans (yay to wearing jeans on weekdays!!) and mainly due to the trade in your old jeans for $50 promotion that’s currently on.. and i bought very interesting levi’s jeans (designs from japan) that i heart a lot.
– a gucci leather card holder (a pamper myself item)
– a laptop bag
– a legless chair from muji (it’s was on sale and i have been wanting to buy one for my room for the LONGEST time!)
– lingerie from women’s secret
– 3 pairs of flats from C & K (must be supportive gf right?!)
– seafood(flower crabs, lah-lahs) and grocery shopping in sheng siong supermarket
– lunches, teas and dinners…

and that’s about all my $1 could stretch..

der mentioned that i can really splurge. doesn’t help when he makes me guilty when he started mentioning that some people do not even earn $1k in a month. urgh. then it makes me think that, actually i don’t earn a lot too and that i spent so much money in 2 days is really SCARY.

but, but, it’s 2 days of fun and many more days of food (think of the groceries) to come eh. better than just a pretty gucci bag buy right?!

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