about a month ago, i blogged about my baby doing the doggy style.. a month later, he has since learnt to stand and walk with support.. and he’s tottering around the playpen, becoming quite a monkey that climbs around too!

i took the following video with the remote as a bait. i made him ‘N G’ a few times but each time.. he just manages to grab the remote!

Jerry’s quest for the remote. from Cherie Lim on Vimeo.

a few days ago, i discovered that he can stand without support for a few seconds before falling down onto his butt into a sitting position and excitedly told my mum about it.. only to be told that he has been doing that for more than a week now. gosh. i feel like im missing out so much.

looks like soon and i’ll be chasing down a walking baby.

i read somewhere that weight plays a part in the development of a baby’s motor skills so i guess its easier for my skinny baby to be rolling/climbing/tottering around.

he has also given me quite a few heart attacks in the middle of the night where he wakes and then jumps around in his cot and occasionally misses his footing and crashes his face into the bars of the cot… and starts wailing. does the mummies out there have tips for me on how to prevent that from happening? I can’t possibly stay up all night to ‘watch’ him and his schedule are all screwed these days. some days, i discover him climbing around the cot and grunting, BUT his eyes are closed. i suspect that it sleep walking/climbing/talking and i read its hereditary. the husband sleepwalk in his sleep when he is a kid and sleeptalks ALOT nowadays. i currently have the paddings at the side of the bed, but they are very thin and does not really help. also, i read that they are supposed to be removed once a kid knows how to stand so i’m really quite confused.

i seriously considering if i should let jerry wear a helmet to sleep.

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