Happy 7 months old, baby!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind the past month, with him going through a lot of firsts. First time at the zoo, first time being sick, first time on the nebulizer machine, first stand, first few steps with support, first time sitting up by himself, first time taking the milk bottle and feeding himself, first climb, first self stand without support.. Gosh. Has it only been a month? It felt like eons!

First time exploring his brand new playpen..

First zoo trip, checking out the wallabies.

First sitting up by himself..

First climb..

First stand..

First major sickness.. (and first x-ray for the matter)

First discovery of remotes..

First cot dance..

And you get the gist. Things just happens so quickly this month, it seems that he has grown quite a fair bit!!

The only unfortunate bit was losing 300+grams of weight in 5 days while he was sick. It takes him a month to put back the same amount of weight so he is between the 5-10 percentile in terms of weight for babies his age. *heartpain*

Looks like he has quite a bit of catching up to do, weight wise. The good news is, he seemed to have increased his milk intake drastically.. and that *gasps!* my milk supply is insufficient and the frozen reserves has been activated! Ok. Partly also the supply has dropped ALOT because I have been putting in late nights at work and am too lazy to lug the heavy pump to work.

Chubby mohawk baby.

Posing for mama’s camera and looking quite grown up here.

He also had his first baby chair experience, which he promptly fell asleep in.

mama! Who’s that in the mirror?

Adored by auntie serene..

Heart by auntie jiejie Xueli

Loved by Agnes.

My colleagues loved him to bits.

Left all alone to feed himself.. But he likes to shake the bottle and ends up having milk on his face and all over! Like he’s having a water party. I think he loves water.. But I’m holding him off a bit for now cos the last swim resulted in that nasty virus that he caught. I think there’s bugs floating around and he probably caught it from one of the kids sharing the pool the other day..

At shuyu’s house where he is left to roam and grabs at everything!

He’s also at the stage where he is beginning to appreciate the stickers that I have for him at the walls.. He is peeling at the lion’s legs when no one is around and here’s a guilty look as charged. If you look carefully, you’ll realize that the legs ARE coming off, despite me using uhu glue (non toxic) to paste it down further.

Since the husband was away for a week, I had the time to hang out with my girlfriends and I love bringing him out to brunch or tea.. He’s generally well behaved and a charmer because he is such a smiley baby! A teething rusk or Sophie the giraffe is all it takes to keep him occupied. But I have also realized that he has started to throw things on the ground and stare at them thereafter! Probably learning the cause and effects of things.

Nnnmmmmmm.. The horsey hoof is yummy..

With Steve. Very happily lounging. Picture taken by jen, and the reason why Steve wasnt looking at the camera cos he was talking to me..

Jerry adores his company.. Now, I can’t wait for Steve’s youngest daughter to meet him! They are only born days apart..

With Jen. Who declares that she likes my baby. Guess who would be baby sitting my baby next time? Lol.

Jerry’s teeth is sprouting fast and furious. His 2 top teeth are all out but it’s hard to take any picture for the matter because they don’t show even when he laughs but they are huge! It also seems that he has more protruding lower jaw for now because when he closes his mouth, the top teeth are behind the bottom teeth. I hope it irons out by itself as he grows because I am already thinking about jaw correction surgery for him when he grows up!

The hubby is having loads of fun with the kiddo these days and I love seeing them chill out together. I wish they have more bonding sessions so that the baby doesn’t feel so attached to mummy here.

He has gone to a bit of the needy stage now and starts wailing every time I disappear behind the doors. When I’m out of sight, he starts crying pronto but lights up and flash a smile when I show up. It’s endearing but also frustrating because I can’t seemed to get anything done!

I am still slowly introducing solids to him and he doesn’t seemed to like it anymore! He clams his mouth real shut these days and I’m kinda give up feeding at times. I’m not really anal that he must eat at this point as long as he is still gaining weight steadily but it’s a bonus if he does! He’s a lot more interested when we have our meals these days and stares in wonder whenever we eat..

There are probably tons more of stuff I could rattle on here, but my brain is dead right this moment and I am gonna end this post right here!

Heh. I hope this photo galore of him is good enough though I never really had the time to take really nice, cute pictures of him. Most of them are impromptu and has really bad lightings but bad pictures are better than none, especially when they trigger all the nice, warm fuzzy moments that I share with my son.

My dear baby, mummy hopes you’ll grow up healthy and be the smiley baby you always are! me lovie you loads! Muacks.

P.s. this post is 5 days late. Heh. I can’t seemed to post pictures onto my scrapbook these couple of days!!

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