just got a call and gotten some crushing news.

see the watch that i’m wearing in my header image? it’s my favourite watch, a philippe starck. but it has turned cranky about 2 months back and i sent it in for repair. I got it back, wore for a day and it died on me again.

it’s still under the 2 year warranty, and it was a precious thing to me. a gift from him. I sent it back for repair again and the crushing news is that, it is beyond repair. As much as the store would like to replace me an identical watch, they do not have any more stock for the model and i would need to choose something else as a replacement.

my heart sank when i heard it. do i really have to let it go? remember this entry where i mentioned even choosing a watch to go work was torturous? i know it sounds really really stupid if i tell them, its ok. give me the faulty watch back. it’s friggin $288.

and now, the tidal wave hit me, and im sinking slowly to rock bottom. the choice is clear isn’t it? maybe it’s meant to be that. slowly lose things that meant a great deal to me.. and some day, i’ll be fine. i’ll be just fine.

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