i almost went into fits just thinking about it and i almost want to kick der for no grand birthday meal.. and of cos, i didnt do anything but SULK big time. and secretly hitting him with x.silly’s hands when he is sleeping! ha! revenge time. (evil of women’s heart my heart).

i was totally totally being a total grump when der had to cancel his leave on my birthday and head back to work. and he didnt bring me out for a nice dinner. and he didnt buy me a cake.

and i COMPLAINED big time to jen, sulking my night away and she say she’ll bring me out to dinner.. (and i think she secretly went to tip der off to do some resuscitation work!) didn’t help that the boy was also sick…

i know. i know. i should be more understanding, but he is hardly in town during my birthdays and i thought this is just so rare.

and she brought me to pasta bravia..

the ceasar salad was delicious and probably one of the best i had thus far. the sauce was light and smooth, and coupled with thick fat coutons, i just wished there were more leaves in the plate. the portobello mushrooms that i choose was served in strips when i expected them to be in whole. nonetheless, the taste was delish with a wee bit of ground pepper and it was quickly snapped up.

the husband & wife ordered the egg plant which is quite nice, but i think jen’s moussaka that she cooked for me tasted much better with more cheese. the tomato soup was thick and tangy. love it, but every time i sipped it.. i start coughing non stop. i guess tomatoes and cough dont go.

vital had the pumpkin ravioli while i had the seafood pasta. both tasted quite good, but my non-stop coughing sorta spoiled the meal because i lost the appetite to eat soon after. the pumpkin ravioli is very interesting with saffron sauce, but it’s a tad too sweet to my liking.

the tiramisu just had got to be one of the best i tasted, soaking wet with liquer, soft and creamy to taste, there is no fault you can find of this. totally flavourful and ready to knock you out if you aint an alcoholic.

love the restaurant that is located in a cosy little nook in tanjong pagar (off duxton hill) and i think i will head back there soon.

thanks for the treat! and thank you for cheering up my day. i know.. the best way to thank you is to buy you a nice dinner soon right?

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