i wanted to blog abt it when it happened. somehow i forgot. and i got reminded of it when i read olimomok‘s entry.

here’s what happened last week. i was on the train, on the way to attend my jap classes. the train docked into yio chu kang mrt, where my sec school presbyterian was right in front of.

i took out my mobile and started calling wei.

c: hey, where u now?
w: working lor, why?
c: errm, no lah. was on the train and passed by phs. so thought of you lor.
w: i think its not the school. its the train station.
c: huh? why the train station?
w: cos of the mini bus interchange below it.
c: and what’s with that? *giggles*
w: that’s where u first met me and fell so in love with me. haha.
c: *blushes* ok, im gonna hang up now. Grr..

it just brings smiles into my mind, tracking back to 1994 when i first met him, and really fell head over heels from then. hee..

its just funny thinking abt it. and its such a love-hate relationship with that memory when he TEASES me. argh.