The boy had 4 options in mind…

1. Bottega wallet
2. Tiffany & co ring
3. Nikon lens for my dslr
4. A proper watch

1. would love the bottega wallet but unfortunately, there isn’t any nice colors for this season and the pink will only come in the spring/summer collection in jan/feb. so wait i shall! part of the reason was also because my wallet is still in quite a mint condition considering that i have put it aside for almost a year while i used the LV wristlet for work/lunches when i got it.

2. this is totally not ideal especially since i have many rings and too little fingers/occasions to wear them. and now that in the near future.. i would have more important rings to wear… this will have to pass..

3. hmmm… considering considering for a long time over this. the boy did some extensive research on the different lenses and wow, i am amazed! still, i didn’t really think about what lens i would want, and considering the amount of time that i spent with my dslr, and the fact that it would be very under-utilized, i decided against the idea. maybe i could invest when i have more time on my hands (i dunno when that will be… maybe when i am pregnant and give birth and have 4 months maternity so that i can use the camera and shoot the baby.) so for now, nah..

4. a proper watch in the boy’s terms is something along the likes of omega/rolex/breitling. my criteria for a watch is that it must be automatic, sporty looking enough, big face (or at least boy’s size), and comes with a metal bracelet that is non-glossy (scratches not obvious when it happens). had laid my eyes on the omega seamaster planet ocean chronograph co-axial and it comes in a size perfect for my wrist. but gawd, it’s a freaking $8700! because of the special size (very uncommon), the movement is therefore different and it is harder to make.. hence the expensive price tag.

i could easily buy a rolex with that kind of moo-lah! and i guess the omega somehow doesn’t quite warrant the price tag since the appreciation in value is not as good as the rolex. after rounds and rounds of shopping across the various shops.. the only 2 that caught my eyes was this boy size tudor (but too small) and the breitling superocean heritage 38. the breitling looks a little like the boy’s seamaster/submariner with it’s plain black face and a typical triangle on the watch bezel. the watch comes in either a ocean racer rubber strap (love this) or a ocean classic steel bracelet. i love both, but the steel bracelet is more versatile (can wear in most occasions) and it is also cheaper to get the watch in the steel bracelet and buy the rubber strap separately, as compared to the reverse.

and yeah, after some deliberation, the decision was made, and i got myself the best christmas present ever!

I’m a happy girl!! But the boy did say I won’t get any more presents for the rest of the year.. stingy fellow!! =(

Ok.. Just went to visit wm at the hospital. Am v late for our Christmas party at andy’s.

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