despite feeling extremely restless, having a nagging migraine for a couple of hours in the afternoon and worrying about my getting-more-swollen leg, i declare this a good day.

why? because i am asked to go for a second interview next friday for a f&b company which is a basically, a popular household name. im pretty sure 98% of singaporeans have heard of them. and despite hearing about my circumstances of the crutches, i was still asked to go and they very kindly postponed the interview to friday, so that i have time to recuperate. how sweet.

and, i got response from the said referral company this morning. Wow! isnt that like fast? and yes, next week. I do hope i can walk without the crutches by then.

but i doubt it, seriously.

well, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

(thinking of more physio-exercises at the back of my mind)

i guess i’ll leave you some pictures of my elephanty legs!! 🙁

i took those photos yesterday…and trust me, they are getting bigger now.. *sobs*