started at 4am. I jumped out of bed, hearing the toilet door slide open! all that greeted me was a cheeky baby that has climb out of his bed and headed for the toilet to have some water play (gunning for the toilet bowl). lucky for me that I am generally a light sleeper so I jumped out in time before he even got to it.


I nebulised him and gave him his medication and jumped back for a quick nap when my mum woke at 6am..

my happy baby in the morning. with a sweet and a wrapper. no. he isn’t allowed to eat but he knows its ‘mum mum’.

he was attempting cartwheels when I got back. couldn’t get a clear enough picture and he refused to do it after he saw my phone.


and he took the remote and attempted to throw it out of the window while no one was looking. killer litter! my house cordless phone landed downstairs before once and errmm.. I stay on the 4th floor. I don’t know where he learnt that from! my mum now ties a wire mesh to the window grill but the smaller things still go through the bigger holes. argh! I seriously hope he stop doing that soon. I tried to beat his hands and say NO. but he just scathers away and finds something else to play.

daddy called tonight and I put him on speakerphone. jerry was beyond delighted and kept laughing/smiling/screaming at the voice from the other end.

listening to daddy.

I took a short video and when Der hung up, he screamed, kept jabbing at the phone and gave it to me as though he wants me to get him back on the line. I got Der on the line again and he kept putting the phone to his face.


in the past week, or maybe two weeks, I think jerry had a lot more new tricks up his sleeves. I heard him call my brother ‘ah Gu’ and ran to his room door to knock non stop until my brother came out. hurr.. I’m amazed! my brother thought I was the one who knocked instead.


with the 2 days in the hospital, we had him wearing his shoes a lot. every single time he wanted to get off the bed or out of the ward. he then attempted to wear his shoes himself on Sunday morning but realise he can’t and shove the shoes in my face. now he brings the shoe to us at home, and give us one of his feet. we helped him wear one side and moved on but he grabs his the other side and chase you down to help him wear.


seriously, I’m not used to him being so ‘grown up’!


I need to get everyone to be well aware of their behaviour around the little bub now because he does have great observational skills and is very good at copying/imitating people!


he has also outgrown his play yard and he can climb put of it sucessfully, many many times. when we change the configuration, he just looks around and figure another way out and the sad news for us is, he succeeds every time. he even leap out of his baby cot when he was being left in there and desperately wanting to get out.


we have since changed his bed into a toddler bed and he has been able to climb up and down with ease.


so much has happened in just 2 weeks. looks like I need to start doing bi-weekly updates of all his learnings from now on! there’s probably a lot more but I think it mostly happens when I’m not around.


ok. 10.30pm. nebuliser timing is up. I got to do my ‘missy’ chores.


please excuse me.