11:26 @damiankoh haha. my colleagues are going for the event! #

11:26 @pishako what happened? thought you did a test shipment and it works? #

11:31 my body doesn’t seems to be holding up. wrapping myself up in my thick sweater. am i feeling feverish? #

11:46 @damiankoh yeah. have fun! 😛 #

11:51 @mswenz i drank more than 2L this morning already! yeah. monitoring myself.. its gonna be sucha bummer if i can’t run. 🙁 #

11:54 Twittering from my phone via sms! Now i can twitter on either of my phones! Yay! – tweet.sg #

11:55 *ah choo!* argh. this is bad. #

12:01 @pishako nope. downing a cup of effervescent for a concentrated dose of vit c! #

22:19 realised today that I don’t enjoy running in crowds. Feeling sick from the dinner that I just ate. #

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