10:53 i want to go back to bed. sleepy girl on a friday. 🙂 #

11:28 @sparklethots *SOB* i can’t… i’m yawning non stop at my desk tho. and eyes are extremely watery. 🙁 #

11:32 am so messing up my email folders because i am so sleepy and cannot think straight. dumping the wrong things everywhere! #

15:12 I find it frustrating to be in unorganised meetings. I can’t follow! – tweet.sg #

15:20 I am amused seeing everyone’s frustrated faces! – tweet.sg #

17:55 @vonique me wants to sleep and not workkkkk! #

17:57 i hate it when nothing seems to move. and people are not calling me back. #

18:35 @unpolishedgem i can totally understand. what?! u are going home already?! im still madly typing! but i know.., u started early right? #

20:37 am thinking if i should lug the laptop home. #

21:01 it’s so stressful in my office on friday nights. 🙂 #

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