08:53 did the weekend just fly by? I haven’t gotten anything accomplished! Err… Hello monday. #

09:35 Sigh. I need to stop flagging for a cab everyday. – tweet.sg #

10:00 @unpolishedgem it started POURING the minute right after i stepped into the office. Phew! #

10:01 @unpolishedgem for me, it’s a daily affair..unless i manage to catch the school bus or when i drive when der’s outta town. 🙁 #

10:01 @becxbecx same same! *yawns* i need to get food into my system to “wake” it up. #

10:37 @unpolishedgem i take the train everyday.. i just flag the cabs only @ buona vista to head to office. still.. it’s $4 versus $0.25 bus ride. #

11:34 i think i need a privacy screen protector! my desk is too open for ibanking! #

12:14 it’s LUNCH! but i am not hungry yet. the biscuits and cereal this morning is still swimming in tummy. #

15:56 i need a getaway. my brain’s not cooperating. *groggy* #

18:32 cannot stand the warm in the office after the aircons are off at 6pm sharp. im perspiring! #

19:21 @pishako Argh. u are home already?! #

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