14:47 @unpolishedgem =) yeah. it was a good getaway for that short time! #

14:48 am trying to plan for a trip somewhere… but where?! i need a getaway… #

15:01 i need better brains and better vocab! 🙁 #

15:50 why cant people grasp the concept of header, sub header, title, copy and all? My blood is boiling. feels like I’m teaching kids. Grrr.. Grrr #

16:04 @shotbyfau are you still working? or are u on leave? your tweets are so domesticated these days. #

16:59 feels like throwing a chair to de-stress. *SCREAMS* #

17:01 @pishako i am at the point of exasperation and i really really really cannot hold it in anymore. #

17:02 @sparklethots haha. wont throw at you. i wont bully pregnant ladies. #

17:03 @shotbyfau ya. i thought so. but when the domestic posts comes in at work hours.. i am confused. 🙂 but that sounds fun. having a balance! #

17:05 @unpolishedgem ate the apple already. half of the grapes are gone too. disruptive tho. dirty hands and keyboard don’t mix. #

17:06 @pishako so S M A R T!!! ;P vomit vomit vomit vomit. #

17:14 @pishako you cannot imagine. feel like im talking to primary school kids. cant tell diff btw title, sub header and copy? anyhow do. Grrr. #

17:24 @pishako no. but i guess it’s like they do for the sake of doing? didn’t think through? no consistency? wah lau! makes me feel like quitting #

17:44 @becxbecx haha. this is hilarious. you still remember the faulty mouse! #

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