08:49 down with a bad tummy.. #

12:19 Jogging/running while being blindfolded is a first! #

13:09 th money i’ll save from lunch for these 2 days will just be splurged on cab rides all over. 🙁 #

15:52 hectic work hours and a regular exercise regime is really quite hard to mix. sigh. #

18:53 @pishako chill.. chill… think positive and pray something good do come out of it. #

18:55 nope. it was a team building thing. i was supposed to navigate an obstacles course & then run to the finishing line while being blindfolded. #

18:57 @sparklethots i think it was something i ate yesterday.. maybe afternoon. mich, you ok? #

18:58 @vonique *shrugs* not sure… but im better already! #

18:59 @sereenzheng ooohh.. u better take care then.. #

22:24 @unpolishedgem maybe i ate a bad clam or something. or could it be the apples? Hmmm.. realised there most of them were in bad condition. =( #

22:25 what is wrong with my internet connection? it’s intermittently going on and off! Grr. #

22:37 am so so annoyed that this has to happen when im happily blogging. 🙁 #

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