00:09 mobile broadband to the rescue! yipee! #

18:39 Didn’t spend a single cent in the last 2 days.. Gonna break it in 5mins cos I’m heading to the doc’s! #

18:50 My gp is such a kind soul. The very old uncle before me.. He paid only 3 bucks! I think the doc only charged him for medication. how nice. #

19:54 @becxbecx AIBI @ $59 for a digital one. Kettler have one retailing at $39 (with buttons inside – think octopus tenacles). these are heavier. #

19:55 @becxbecx if all you want is the cheap one – got novena square. there’s this sports extreme or was it extreme sports. retailing $6.50, #

19:58 am feeling so sleepy.. the eyes are closing. #

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