00:59 @becxbecx vietnam went last year, cambodia the year before. kl not keen (i spent my almost all my childhood holidays there!) #

08:34 Just when I think I could reach office early today, I end up being extremely late because I forgot abt the 9am meeting. Damn! Gimme a cab! #

12:49 $2 lunch to compensate my $25 cab fare in the morning. i am still so hungry! #

14:06 i feel greedy because after a packet of fried rice, i am still very hungry. so i gobbled down tau huay and asking for other snacks. #

17:21 @pishako omg. wear a mask when u are there girl! #

17:38 @pishako keep your fingers crossed. youarethatnear…. #

21:26 i think my eyes are tired. i keep staring at this folder but cant find the file that i want! am absolutely sure it’s THERE. Grr. #

22:33 @pishako found it! guess im just tired. #

22:34 10.33pm. stomach’s growling, but i’m still seated at my office desk. this is so unhealthy. #

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