09:54 Another cabbing day! Sigh. Why am I working so hard for? #

14:39 @vanstels errrmm. don’t think. it’s quite a fair bit. in the last 2 days, it’s more than $30? #

14:45 fighting the Zzz monster after lunch. *yawns* #

15:48 am so ready to crash into slumberland. digesting boring technology jargons is causing my lids to be very very heavy. i need distractions! #

15:55 suddenly have a craving for mos iced milk tea. i can only opt for the cold green tea from the pantry’s vending machine. *sigh* #

17:01 @becxbecx NO!! chill chill. eat some snack, share some jokes with someone else.. #

17:16 spring cleaning the desk in the midst of my busy schedule. i just need some order.. #

18:23 my coloured pens are like hot property. everyone likes to use them.. some which has been with me for so long.. they are running dry. 🙁 #

19:22 @unpolishedgem hey. actually.. im still in the office, so if you are heading home late, i can still pass u the bag. just so you know. #

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