08:35 Went to bed at 2+am.. Didn’t sleep till 4+am. Felt wide awake. hadn’t had insomnia for a long while… Or was that anxiety attack? #

08:40 Wonders why the trains are so packed this morning. Its raining.. I thought the trains would be empty while everyone else hails a cab. #

09:18 How embarrassing. I fell when I boarded the school bus after chasing it like mad. #

09:20 Shit. The run for the school bus. Did I just break the 6 weeks ban on no exercising? I’m so breathless. #

15:48 @sparklethots im gd, just slight pain when i exert too much pressure or body is angled in a certain angle, or when i take too big a breath. #

16:27 @pishako what a pity. i have heard so many trip cancellations that i’m a bit bummed too. might have to cancel mine trip too. *sigh* #

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