09:40 Argh! What’s wrong with me? I was day dreaming and missed my train station! When I realised, the door’s closed. Grr.. #

10:22 @Zazoom1603 maybe it’s my body trying to tell me that it dislikes going to work. *hee* #

10:23 @mswenz it happens to you too right? I think my brain’s not awake yet. #

11:06 i feel like im typing a school report on some foreign topic that im reasearching. *brain dead* #

16:43 looks like it’s gonna be a long work day. *sigh* #

16:56 @sparklethots i thought i could skip out at 6pm! suddenly “crisis” happens. urgh. #

19:43 overloading on the cherry tomatoes. bought 1kg during lunch and 3/4 is gone! my hand extends out automatically to take one after another… #

21:59 2 mins to 10pm and here i am.. typing on my work laptop in the office with a hot fudge sundae for company. #

22:40 *declaration* i am officially brain dead. #

23:24 yay! i finally decided to head home! 27 mins to midnight.. and i have more than 6 colleagues around.. #

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