00:09 i guess i am disappointed beyond words. can someone make me disappear? #

00:10 @julyclover i think the guardian pharmacies or something. or watsons. remember seeing it ard while on my quest for thermometer sleeves. #

00:11 its been a brain draining day. system shutting down when it’s been up since 5am in the morning. #

09:14 Mood indicator is pointing at blue today. Am i supposed to resign to fate? – tweet.sg #

11:21 yay! it’s eat with your family day this friday! shall ask mum out for some chilli crabs.. 🙂 #

11:45 @pishako haha. we havent had crabs for a while huh? it’s been more than a year! #

14:52 5 mins in the hot sun at noon is so ready to kill. wah. getting a bad headache! #

15:41 @pishako @sereenzheng i think may not be able to make it. only this sat left and the next 2 i’ll be away.. #

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