08:37 Did you realised? Smrt changed their uniforms. When did that happen? I was taking cabs to work the last few days..hmmm.. #

08:41 Do u think of the roles u play in a relationship? Jen told me that i’m more like the ‘man’ sometimes. She was reading man r from mars, w … #

11:44 @vanstels i only saw the train station ones. not sure about the buses cos i didnt take any. only my ‘school bus’ today. #

11:45 @Zazoom1603 really? i prefer the old uniforms. stands out better in the crowd. today, i almost couldn’t spot them. it needs getting used to. #

12:07 is it possible to be allergic to work? i feel my body clamping up.can’t relax. #

17:11 sigh. sometimes, i feel so like a shit collector. damn it. *trying to keep my cool* #

18:05 @becxbecx Grrrr.. if i had a wish, i’ll turn the shit turner into something productive instead of churning shit. *getting headache* #

18:05 @dreamylynn Oh. what kind of shit business can we do? *ponders* #

18:15 sometimes, decreasing productivity does not equate to incapability. external factors are a big influence. GET THE SHIT OUTTA THE WAY PLS! #

19:04 my world is spinning even though i am sitting very very still. i think i feel stressed. #

21:10 i keep forgetting what i have done and what i have not. is this a sign of old age? or is it stress? i’m hungry. #

21:51 surrendering for the day. =( #

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