09:10 I drove a volkswagon gti this morning! Wow. Power.. #

10:34 @unpolishedgem i get to knock off at 4pm! Hmmm.. is it an official eat with the family day?! #

12:08 @lil_snooze yeah. i found out! my ex-co is also leaving early! 🙂 WooHooO! getting out latest by 4.30pm! #

12:44 Omg! The volkswagon gti got smashed up.. Err.. Thank god der’s ok. I wonder what the boss will say.. – tweet.sg #

14:45 @sereenzheng he was at the factory when this lorry reversed and smashed into the very new car. #

14:48 @pishako yeah. what luck. he sent his car for servicing so borrowed his boss car to travel up north . had it for less than 24hrs and Oops! #

15:07 @pishako der’s in the car. but it’s in msia. i heard the boss say forget it. he will pay cash for the repairs and heck the insurance.. =( #

17:03 Someone actually asked for credit card discount at a car servicing place. That’s so weird.. – tweet.sg #

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