15:40 @lil_snooze hee. sounds like a nice change. #

15:40 the busy indicator = the increasing stack of newspapers on my desk. i just don’t have the time to read them! #

16:36 i am not a door bitch. i am not obligated to open the doors when people knock. it’s very disruptive you know?! #

18:04 i could do with a bowl of nice hot food. hungry! #

18:59 multi-tasking = restaurant city on fb, burning dvds, twittering in between and banging emails at the same time. #

19:51 cravings for rocky chicken wings!! argh. i need dinner… #

19:52 *screams* just when im about to pack up and leave, i realised, there is no more bus to head out! *stranded* to walk or not to walk… #

20:06 @becxbecx haha. i’m so farrrrrrrrrr away…. #

20:22 im still at the old office… ayer rajah. the new one is at UBI, but not moving till july. #

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