11:06 @damiankoh have a safe trip! #

11:44 got a swollen lump on my back that hurts big time. i hope i didnt injure my spine. ouch! #

11:45 @becxbecx have fuN! today looks like a really fine day! #

13:38 @becxbecx yup. going to see a doctor later.. or maybe a chinese sin seh instead. i can’t sit properly or do anything w/o feeling the pain #

14:26 wonders why the loud twitter settings always goes off in a few days.. Hmmm… #

14:26 @becxbecx i hope u are not doing your finger nails.. u are not supposed to be typing! #

14:27 @unpolishedgem sounds errrr… unhealthy for jon. is he better already? send him my regards. : #

14:32 @becxbecx BE CAREFUL! yeah. E71 really rocks. i so totally agree! haha. #

14:33 cannot believe that i took 1GB worth of wakeboaring pictures yesterday.. Now, how to i sort them? #

14:48 @thelady what’s with bigger boobs. it means more pain during the time of the month! #

15:05 @vonique haha. it’s been more than 2 years since i last did it. 🙂 #

15:10 @thelady how have u been?! when will u be back in sunny singapore? #

15:25 @becxbecx haha. decided to do just that, but uploading 360+ pictures aint an easy task! even my flickr uploader is dying on me… #

16:08 are dreams pure imagination on your part or god’s way of warning you? what about those deja vu moments if it’s imagination? #

20:05 @becxbecx hey. i got a bottle sitting on my desk… #

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