I am forcing myself to blog on the go, because I think my memory is failing me these days and I’m just so tired having to cope with the amount of work that I have.

Had a happy lunch yesterday! Woots. Crystal jade at paragon with one of our media owner..

Agnes, serene and me. Hmm. I think I do look rather haggard these days. Argh. Bad news.

Look who’s this?!

It’s mr. Hairy crab!

The sturdy little legs, all ready to be eaten! So much work for the servers.

The poor little things, queuing for their doomsday.

It was my first time eating these crabs (yeah, you can laugh at the ‘mountain tortoise’ me), but I was very amazed at how it should be eaten… With a little spoon. So, the main sell of these crabs are the thick, smooth and creamy roe. It’s really quite yummy though I only ate half a crab (just for taste!). We were supposed to drink the ginger tea afterwards but I didn’t cos I didn’t like the smell if it, but you really should drink because hairy crabs are considered ‘liang’ and you could get a cough without the ginger to even things out.

Had a very filling meal with loads of other dim sum and a big bowl of century egg porridge. Well, we all left with our round tummies and are happy girls.

Popped over to sentosa in the late afternoon for barclays Singapore open, an annual event that my company is a sponsor of. We always invite all our media friends and agencies and key working partners so it was an evening of drinks and PR. This year, interestingly, I picked up a few tips from a new colleague about golf (no one else in my marcom team plays it) so I thought it was rather interesting as compared to the previous years where I just blindly stare at the greens. But hey, even that is beneficial to the eyes, isn’t it?

Headed for dinner with my colleagues at Thai express (shortest queue ever) and desserts at Max brenner where we shared a glorious waffle!

Rich, yummy, indulgent stuff. We shared much laughter and i really did enjoy the timeout.

I hardly had the chance to do this with my colleagues so I did wish it was Friday and we didn’t have to work the following morning!

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