Attended a luncheon by singpost this afternoon.. The theme was grand shanghai..

I didn’t have anything to wear to the lunch so i just wore a simple dress.. Midway through the lunch, i was asked to write my name and company on a piece of paper. Little did i know i was pre-selected for one of the best dressed!

Urgh. Was made to catwalk in front of at least 30 tables of people from a mountain of companies.. So malu-ing!

They must be wondering why is this lady in a plain black dress is being selected to be on stage. Haha!

Anyway, i won a bottle of wine as consolation prize. The winner went to kfc’s marketing director. We were 2 of the 5 contestants selected. =)

And so, that’s my dress and my bottle of wine. And guess what?! I also won the top lucky draw prize! It’s a digital camera! But it’s not my favourite sony though. Still, it’s better than nothing right?! Hee!

And so, it’s a great way to kick start a brand new year! =) i’ll be wang wang for the whole year! Yeah!

[mobile post @ office]

Yes. I’m still stuck in the office at this moment. =S