panties kenties is BACK IN SINGAPORE!

and i met him for dinner at buona vista today. a quick short trip to catch his “ni-honized” face. and he said he wanted to go eat 鱼头米粉. so off we went.

“i want the thin vermicelli please”, was my request.

he went and came back, and for 2 people who wanted to eat a little, he ordered a hor-fan and a 鱼头米粉 (with thick vermicelli).

“they don’t serve thin vermicelli”, he replied.

a sense of deja vu hit me. hey! we did the EXACT exchange 2 years ago, or was it 3 already? and i remembered he also ordered hor-fan for me. haha.

“we never learn..”, was his wise words.

anyway, anyhow, my panties kenties friend actually said this after less than 24 hours being in singapore… “i miss JAPAN”.

omg. is that the power of love? he never ever said he miss japan from his previous trips. hee hee.. someone is love sick.

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