i suffered from insomnia last night. the baby was also extremely cranky because he was waking up every other hour shrieking in cries in his sleep. must be having really bad nightmares.

the husband?

he woke last night, went to the dustbin and threw my plushie into it. (ok. actually i didnt know what he was doing in the dark so i asked him when he looked like he was fumbling around the dustbin).

turns out, he thought he was holding a soiled diaper in his hand and proceeded to the dustbin and threw in my plushie (which happens to be in his hand).

if i weren’t awake, i would never have witnessed the act and knew what happened. and maybe i’ll be at a loss if i find my toy missing one day, not knowing what happened to it. meanwhile, i think i must give strict instructions to my mum to check my bin if she empties it for me.

the husband’s a weird one.

but i was very amused than angry. ha!

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