For a night.

Heh. My brother has been really busy with helping a friend’s wedding lately that I haven’t seen him much.

On Friday, he came back with a whole bunch of flowers and transformed my mum’s kitchen into his ‘work table’.

Well, he offered his services to do the bridal bouquet, the groom’s corsage and 2 huge bouquets for the couple’s parents after their thank you speech. He also did the bridesmaids’ corsages using fake flowers the week earlier and I totally forgot to take pictures of them!! =(

here’s the bridal bouquet! I love the refreshing burst of colours and the fact that it has wires and butterflies with it to create more depth (and to sync with the bridesmaids’ corsages). I wonder what was the wedding theme and I didn’t ask cos my brother would find me meddlesome. He was raising his brows when I snap pictures of these..

The bride’s favorite colour is blue and actually, the roses’ original color are white. He actually spent a week to dye the roses blue because the florists doesn’t have blue roses available. Much effort man. Ok. Am a little jealous because my brother didn’t do any of these for me when I got married (also cos I didn’t ask and didn’t want to trouble him, but can you tell I’m so regretting my decision?!).

The groom’s corsage. Probably the most unique one that I have EVER seen. Complete with pretty colored wires, and glass beads.

Ok. When I took this picture, my brother was screaming at me for fear that I’ll ruin it. I actually stole it from the fridge to snap a picture. Heh.

2 identical bouquets for the moms. Man.. This is heavy and a huge bunch of flowers. I told der that he should give me something like that!

This is how big it is..

Another shot..

Complete with purple paper and blue ribbons to fit the wedding color theme…

If only, could someone give me a bouquet like that too? My brother say he wanted to charge der $150 so that he can gift me the bouquet. I think der cannot be bothered with me and told me he’ll go to the market the next day and buy me a stalk.

But I didn’t even get the stalk! Ok. I digress but I think my brother is really good with his hands and has a talent in floral arrangements.

We used to spend a part of our childhood growing up in my aunt’s florist in petaling jaya, at damansaru utama (I hope I get the spelling right) during our holidays. My mum would just dump us there and have us stay with our aunt and we’ll help out mess up the shop and make floral arrangement for the fun of it. We even made some arrangements and put it up for sale in the shop and compete to see whose arrangements get sold. No prizes for guessing who usually wins. Those were the days.

Feeling nostalgic thinking about it. Hmm, its a pity that my brother didnt become a florist though. I love to be surrounded by flowers everyday. A cheery sight to see!

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