you know, the sights and colors are just amazing about south africa. the colors of the sky, the plains, the mountains..

the skies are ‘bluer’, the trees, plains and shrubs appears in an amazing spectrum of colors, the stars at night (sorry, i have no pictures for this) are so beautiful. and yes, when the say the stars in africa shine brighter, it really does feel so!

this entry is not going to document my journey, but to share some of the amazing landscape colors of the country. i do have some issues (hard disk and memory limitations) right this moment, so I have to find a way to convert all those RAW files into jpeg so that I can upload them. in the meanwhile, here’s some colors of nature from my lens.

pardon the big pictures. small pictures don’t do them justice.

these pictures are taken on the journey from johannesburg to nelsprit.

i love how the shade of the sky is reflected on the lake and that the lake looks bluer than the sky.

the journey along the roads, it just stretches non stop for hours.

i love how far you can look at the horizons and they never seemed to end with mountains and fields, and how the colors changes along the journey.

an idyllic image with thatched huts by the lake

cows grazing along the mountains

dukus in hiding

a group of impalas quietly grazing

doesnt this picture gives you an immense sense of this feeling – WOW, i am in africa.

4 pictures placed side by side to give you the picture before my eyes. that, my friend.. is how a safari looks like from the top.

notice how random sprits of green appear in a sea of brown?

i could stare at this picture forever. doesn’t the colors just lifts you mood?

of trees and sunset.

and for the record, none of these pictures has been edited. i don’t have the time to, and i didnt think it was necessary!

hope you like them as much as i do. and for the professional people, please don’t frown at my pictures (for whatever reasons like terrible framing etc). if you don’t like it, do close your browser! for those who loves them like i do, so drop a note and let me know!

looking at these, i do want to frown on my city life here, chasing after all things material, or just trying to struggle and make ends meet. i do wish to join that part of the nature, enjoy all things untouched and enjoy the joy that nature has to offer.

heading to bed. g’nite!

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