i was kept smiling for almost for the whole of today by a couple of things.

the daily msn chats. hilarious blog entries. sweet sms from wei. and a pleasant surprise from siew yin (my primary school friend) asking for my address and indicated that she wanted to visit me.

ahhhh!! i was happy, but.. no.. pig sty cannot see light. so i told her i’ll meet her for dinner or something when im better! thanks girl. really really appreciate the thought of it (thought of helping me pack room as well!). so sweet of ya. and she helped me buy a cross stitch book on teddies at kino at 20% off! woots!

been wanting to get that book, but the cost is deferring me to. now, i cant wait to get my hands on it!

and the following items..

1 more smiley flower to add to my growing collection! wheee!! they didnt know, but i had a smiley face flower collectin ever since the uni school days.. shall take a picture of it when im bored.. and the card is so sweet.. how apt! i wanna get on my feet too!

bright orange gerberas from mich and jon! wow whee! these are my favourite (one of them) flowers! so bright and cheery that i can help but grin each time i caught sight of it.

these fast growing tulips simply reminds me of my boy.. 🙂 smiles smiles all over.

ok. today is a happy day!