i havent interacted with Jerry for the past week. By the time i get home the past nights (which has either been close to midnight or past midnight), he’s fast asleep and every morning, i pop out for work before he’s up.

It’s quite depressing actually, feeling all that fatigue from work, and yet burdened with the guilt that i am not spending more time adequately with the baby. I will also be working on the weekends for the next few weeks and am kinda upset that more precious time is taken away from me… but guess it’s just life. i can’t choose to have everything my way, isn’t it?

can’t wait to ride out these few hectic weeks and spend more time with the baby. and check this out.

Doggy Jerry! from Cherie Lim on Vimeo.

he has been doing this for the past week and my brother very brusquely mentioned that he seemed to like it the “doggy-style”.

nonetheless, i find it totally cute and hilarious and i am brimming with pride seeing how far along he has come from the weeks where he just lies about and cries. i guess i am allowed to gush over my own baby. haha.

this morning, baby was up when i was rushing for work and he let out a huge laugh and smile till i barely could see his eyes when he SAW ME. i tried to ignore him (i was rushing for work) but his eyes were glued to me whenever i moved (around the house). i just had to scoop him up and give him a tight hug.

p.s. i feel like a bad mother. i came home especially earlier today to spend time with the baby cos i really wanted to spend some time with him but i ended up dozing off and didn’t even have dinner. =(

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