jerome turns out to be quite a chubby baby that i never thought i could have (judging by how small jerry is) but boy, im so wrong! he’s my roly poly!


while my poor wrists are hurting badly from carrying him, i cant be happier that he is growing well and healthy.

i think he is quite the sleepy head.. drinks and sleep all day.. it got to a point where it worried me that he is no where as active! when jerry was the same age, he was already flipping all over. i need to resist the urge to compare.. im sure he’ll grow up fine.. and in his own pace.

unfortunately, he caught a cold (AGAIN?!) and this morning, we are back at the pd. he has grown 1kg+ since the last visit.. and in so thankful i have the manduca carrier to relieve my painful wrists.


this cutie has started to coo in the past month and its quite cute to see his smiley self when he is awake. everyone comments that he looks soooo much like me, even i find it scary too.


i really dont spend a lot of time with him since jerry always ask me to put him down when im carrying him. jealousy in the works! poor baby also gets his pillow snatched away when he is sleeping and im not sure if jerry is just being his playful self or playing pranks on the little brother because he’s jealous. anyhow, i hope the 2 brothers would grow up being the best buds and learn to love each other always.


cant wait for the little one to grow up faster! but im also sure a few months down, i would wish that he stays the baby! irony of motherhood. haha.


till my next blog post, have fun because life rocks.