he who earns money by putting coins into his coin bank.


about a month ago (or was it longer than that?), I started taking his coin bank out to let him play as a toy (since it has wheels that turns like a vehicle) to occupy him during one of those he-drives-me-crazy moments.


I showed him a coin and how to put it in.. and left some coins on the ground for him to play.. he started putting them all into the coin bank.. and that started his money making venture! he brings the coin bank around and my family members will give him coins so that he will perform the trick of putting in the coins. its entertaining for everyone to see..


the coin bank is slowly filling up and getting quite heavy for him to lug around. I think its quite a good start to get started on the concept of saving though its more of ‘play’ to him at this point in time.


he’s really getting to be a joy to be with. although he cannot really talk, he sometimes can parrot people and I am amazed at his level of comprehension when I talk to him sometimes. he likes to mess things up in my room so I have gotten to give him a frown, ask him to put back the stuff into the drawer and close it.. and he dutifully does it. very entertaining to watch, but at the same time.. very tiring for me to potter after him with my big whale belly.


on a side note, I’m into the 24th week! woah, time really flies! I havent been tracking this pregnancy much at all (i just couldn’t find the time) but my tummy seemed much bigger this time round and I don’t know if its new stretch marks that I’m seeing on my tummy or old ones that I hadnt noticed before surfacing, its scary to suddenly see that many stretch marks with this pregnancy!


and like the first pregnancy, I am still battling with nausea, loss of appetite, and extreme tiredness. I presume it will follow the same trend into my third tri like before so I cannot wait to get my appetite back. this time round, i’m suffering from very extreme migraines almost daily that refused to go away. I don’t know if its the stress at work coupled with the lack of sleep or what.. but its rendering me incapable of doing much and its very frustrating especially at work where there are tight timelines to deal with all the time.


I keep motivating myself that its 16 weeks more to go, but I know how a brand new level of madness will start when I have a newborn and a hyper toddler and back to 2hrly milk feeds and a whole new level of stress will begin all over again.


hmm. why did I sign up for this whole motherhood journey all over again? guess there is no turning back now and all I can do is just look forward, keep positive and hope for the best. i’m sure the rewards of it will outweigh everything in the long run. I just need to be patient. and hopefully, post natal amnesia will help me forget all of it.