whilst tagging all the old entries yesterday.. i came across a lot of other stuffs and pictures. amongst them.. mostly are the happenings of the lj gang. how we so often partied at bala in the past, the ritual dinners, print screens of the daily msn chat windows, the seafood gorging, our happy smiles and our silly synchronized msn user pics.

i really missed them.

looking at our last meet-up.. everything is so different now. we no longer chat daily, we all had a job change (except cat!), some of the couples split up, some changed their marital status, some hardly blog these days anymore.. and gawd have we been through a lot!

everybody else is so busy with their work these days that a normal chat window isn’t as normal anymore.

some of you have been greatly missed by me.. like i_believe.. who since has had a nick change.

Hmmm.. hey gals/guy, shall we do our blast some time really soon?

i miss you guys!!!

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