– steamboat lunch at jen’s place with her sisters/bils/kids + red wine
– sit around and do nothing everyone else left
– bringing out the crackers, cheese and a bottle of white
– fetch agnes from serangoon
– head back to jen to continue drinking
– 2am. crashing and drove back home to KO

– breakfast at home
– dim sum lunch at ngee ann city with jerm (yums!). definitely going back there again
– shopping afternoon. my buys: 3 pairs of socks
– hunt for hula hoop begins
– thunderstorm
– drove to suntec to continue hunting
– movie to pass time. fast and furious (my 2nd time).
– headed home!

– baby shower at hougang in the late morning.
– left to start hunting on hula hoops again
– met agnes and 3 babes had tea at velocity
– found hula hoops! but not my ideal ones.
– bubble tea fix
– stocked up on eyelashes and glue
– zip dee dee home
– proceed to hunt with agnes at causeway point
– hula hoop found! didn’t buy.
– window shopped a little, and check out other hulas.
– decided to buy aibi’s hula hoop at $59 (ouch!)
– home sweet home
– fix hula
– work out on hula: 25 mins
– dinner of homemade sushi rolls
– packed room, sweep floor, washed/scrubbed toilet
– headed out for a jog
– shower time
– check work emails
– prepare to-do lists for monday
– surf net
– read blogs
– blog

hee. that’s my long weekend. nothing fantastic, but it was great IMO. but, at the same time.. am missing my der. life’s seemed a little different with him around. ok. crashin’.

more detailed posts when the photos are up (it’s still uploading at point of entry)!

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