i love reading friction stuff so much that i can devour a 400+ page novel under 12 hours. (not very fast i know, there are people who can read much faster) i bought one such book on last monday night after my jap class. started reading on tuesday morning before tuesday evening was here, i finished the entire book.

$16.80. just like that. it’s really quite an expensive hobby.

but give me a textbook, i cant finish a chapter in 24 hours without falling asleep.

was shopping with yihui the other day.. when we were at borders, she told me it takes her more than a month to finish the book i read in hours. but she consumes the stuff in textbook like its air, and tells me the exact pages and paragraphs of something when i need some reference.

i have no idea how she does that.

i think, she’s really meant to be a teacher.

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