i am starting to enjoy my lunch outings these days. it’s been a while since i felt that lunch was my happy hour. food is the way to go to make me a happy girl (minus the ulcers please!).


had lunch with my colleagues at west coast plaza today. i love travelling out for lunch if i could help it. we ordered a set meal for three.. with my favourite spinach, fishmaw & fungi soup, roasted duck leg (YUMS!), steamed fish and gui ling gao for dessert. thought it was a really good deal at $20 each.

and WOW, see this glistening rice? Looks damn good right? but taste normal only lah. Looks can be deceiving. 🙁

silly cindy ignoring me.

yeah. so, that was lunch. i took a lot of lunch pictures these days but i haven’t had the time to load them all up!

time is better allocated to my beauty sleep these days. gawd. have you seen me lately? i think i look SOOOOO haggard.


good night world.

and oh, 3goo… if you are ready this, get well soon ya. I’m sure your shoulder will get well soon and remember to do as much of the therapy. don’t be lazy. enjoy your week of rest.

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