a quick photo post of lunches this week..

monday. lunch at tony roma’s suntec. had to do a site recce and have totally no clue what to eat. thought of going budget but my colleague didn’t want to squeeze with the lunch crowd at kopitiam. went down the escalator and we took the first option we saw. it helps that i have a $10 voucher from the last time i had dinner with jen (oops. was going to hyperlink it when i realised that i didn’t blog about it. see what i meant by missing out a chunk of my life?!).

i had the chicken and steak combo (yums yums!) and wb had the half BBQ chicken. i greedily finished everything that’s on my plate, especially the carbo-loaded baked potato. *slurp*

tuesday. team lunch at this good po piah place along jln bkt merah. it’s april’s birthday this weekend, so we are all out have a celebratory lunch. it was an afternoon of good wrapping fun and laughing at my amateurish po piah wrapping skills. i was busy swallowing everything down because i was so so so hungry. and at the end of everything, i realised i hadn’t put garlic (my love!) into my po piah at all. total failure.

errrmmm… these days, it’s trendy taking pictures with your face covered.

wednesday. lunch with mich at HV! it’s like FINALLY after close to 2 months of planning and cancelling. i feel so guilty because i think i cancelled out more times in total. anyway, we went to 211 terrace cafe because dbs have 1 for 1 pasta/pizza promotion! i am so missing the days when i casually pop my head at her purvis street office to say hi or just sit around to chill. well, it’s really nice knowing that she is coping and adapting along well with her new lifestyle.

well.. that’s quite a bit of money spent on food. thank goodness i got free food for the last 2 working days for the week.

now, where is my der? i am so hungry and am waiting for dinner to find its way home.

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