sometimes, i think my table is always a terrible mess. i don’t understand why my colleagues always say my table is neat.

some of my colleagues’ table are like paper free. i wonder how they achieve that with all the artwork and ads that we have to vet.

i took a picture of my desk some time back. while i was spring cleaning it and after. i usually spring clean my desk when i complete a project, so that i can sort out the out-dated information/artwork and bring it to the shredder.

so, here’s the before and after.

i kind of like my current work station because it’s spacious and there is a lot of leg room. will be moving in less than 2 months and i think i will miss this place… even tho it’s so outta the way.

err.. my colleague commented yesterday that even though i’m just here for months, my desk looks like i have been working here for years because there are a lot of things.

a snack corner in a basket, a huge stash of stationery (as usual), a bunch of toys, cup/mug/bottle and plants.

=( i wonder if she means its messy.

anyway, here are some picture of the new office that i took the other day! i was busy rushing about so i didnt have the time to take the common areas. the guests holding area, breakout area are so spacious and lifestyle looking, it sure feels good to be stepping in.

the breakout area has got table soccer, pool tables and other stuff, and there’s gym and other facilities. must go explore another time.

my desk

the view right behind my back

the new desk is much smaller, and it’s all white. am thinking if i should put some table top to make sure it doesnt dirty with all those markers that i always use.

guess the desk would be much better when i make it cosier with all my toys and rubbish stuff.

ok. gotta go out for dinner. hope your weekend has been great thus far.