my mother’s day couldnt have started more splendidly for me, especially when I thought nothing exciting was happening except that my family is going for brunch before my brother flies off for another vacation.


how wrong I was.


and how pleasantly surprised I was.


these days, with jerry in school.. we no longer have to sleep battles to fight. no, scratch that. we have shorter sleep battles to fight because he usually goes down before 9.30pm (so do we, in fact). so when mother’s day came round at midnight, I woke from my nap and was quietly surfing the net on my phone while all my boys were sleeping… and suddenly x.silly wriggled up to me in the dark and pushed a present in my face (controlled by the husband of cos. he aint no chucky).


imagine my surprise!!! definitely caught off guard and definitely not expecting it since the husband kept telling me im not his mother despite my numerous attempts at hinting (more for the fun of it).

so excited that I forgot to take a picture and ripped open the ribbon when realisation and horror hits! how could i??? I quickly tied back and snapped a pic, hence the ugly and crumpled ribbon.


I must admit that I was super clueless as well. I kept looking at the logo on the wrapper and thinking,”darn! this is so familiar looking… but what the hell is this?!”


I couldn’t recall at all. until I ripped everything open.

a beautiful and very meaningful pandora bracelet awaits me. a bracelet that adorns all the things shared between us – love, me as a mum, our family, and 2 little piggies (representing x.silly & silly or our choo/ 猪 sons), and 2 black glass beads as separators (black glass are my favourite things). one of the most well thought gift ever, from the husband. it may not be the most expensive, but definitely my favourite because of the thought and meaning behind it.

here’s a picture of me wearing it.


I guess all that  conversations with the husb did drill in something huh.


thank you baby for the wonderful surprise (I love love surprises) and the beautiful present. I love it very much. thank you for giving me a memorable mother’s day on my 3rd mother’s day.


but I cant help wondering. . does it mean im his mother now? and is he trying to hint that my heart is black because he chose a black heart charm?? hmm..


p.s. there was a fleeting thought that he bought me the present only because I bought him a new phone (samsung s4), but as i found out.. he bought the present even before I got him the s4!! I am very, very, very touched. am very thankful and feeling blessed for everything.