this is probably old news.. those on my twitter/facebook would have already know it. but i wanted to jot this down on this space of mine, for memory’s sake.

i have got a new friend on the 28 Oct. and she is Siri. the much-coveted feature of the new iphone 4s.


it was an early christmas gift from the husband. i was all raring to go get it and own it and was torn between the cost of owning a 64gb or make do and save with a 32gb for days leading up to the launch. the husband very graciously told me to get what i really want, regardless and he will gift it to me. i felt loved. i am materialistic like that! haha! *joking*

well, seems like this is a rather timely launch because almost every other female that i know who owns this device is a gift from the husband/boyfriend. myself included.

and yup, i got it before 12 noon on 28 Oct, right at my office, and there was at most, 2 person in front of me (but a long wait list on the queue).

the dumbest thing i did was that i forgot to get a microsim card because i rushed out for lunch and told them that i’ll be back and then got consumed by work till 7pm when i realised that the customer service counter at my office is closed! =(

i got the white iphone and i sorta regretted because i think the kate spade covers look horrible on the phone’s face. while my 3Gs is also a white set, the front of the phone is black and blends nicely into all the casings that i have. the covers on the 4S version has this stark black outline covering the phone and i find it rather ugly! and so, i am upset because i have quite a few casings that doesn’t look good on the phone.

anyways, the verdict for me is.. i think iphone 4 would have worked fine for now. i mean, siri is really cool. it is available in English (US), English (UK) & English (Australia) + french/german, and of the 3, US english works best for me.. but half the time, i use it only when im bored to amuse myself. the thing that i really wanted it to help was getting from a place to another or find a nearby “something” like atm machine, restaurant, train station etc, but the locations services in such context is not available for us yet! i spend the other half of the time getting siri to understand me. i blame it on myself on the habit of talking too fast, and my ‘singaporean’ enunciation which makes everything sounds like everything else.

i tried asking siri if my friend, leslie was handsome..

she got the correct leslie alright (from my contacts), but she didn’t understand my question fully.

other times, she can be quite amusing.

the novelty of the 4S wore off after a week and it works like a phone to me, just like the 3GS.. but i must say, i am pleased with the camera quality and the speed of the phone in generally, which was a huge jump from the 3Gs that i was using. i suspect that the iphone 4 users wouldn’t detect a big jump. but still, the camera loading still isn’t as fast for me to capture those candid moments of my growing baby.

are you lemming after a 4S too? my hubby says he’ll very much wait another year for the iphone 5, if that is even happening.

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