Now i’m wishing i didn’t buy my oakley online today!

Grr… E whole of yesterday, i was looking for FATE. The old model of oakley that i had owned, cos it fits my face so well, and it’s simply a perfect match.. But i didn’t manage to find, and i bought dartboard online..

And NOWWWWW.. I just have to spot my fateful little Fate in Junction 8 when i was desperately doing some christmas shopping. It’s $205, and i’m contemplating to buy it.. Should i? Should i? Someone pleaaaaasse pull me away from e optical shop can. I don’t dare to ask to try… Cos i know i’ll grit my teeth and just buy..

How? How? =(

i want my Fate back. My heart and mind says YESSS! But my wallet says NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I is a sad girl.

Will santa please come rescue me? *pouts*

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