havent found much time to do blogging these days. am still rather swapped with work and with the festive season round the corner, i had been busy being the christmas elf going shopping for presents and spending a lot of time wrapping them.

plus, attending the various parties and meet-up with friends. its amusing that shuyu pointed out the other day when we met up that i seemed to be running from point a to b to c, non stop.

tiring i must admit, but time is too short, work is too much, there are just too many things to be done these days.


some of you may have observed that i have been doing random postings via iphone! that’s the present that i have gotten myself!!

pictures taken from cindy’s iphone on the day i bought it.

i bought it a delicious looking case and am loving it.

but somehow, i think my boy loves the phone more because he is always extending his hand out these days to get the iphone from me to play.

more on what i have been up to in a while…

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