this morning.. i was busy working when a colleague called me and i stood up in a rush and slammed my foot into the dustbin i had behind my chair..

and in that very instance while i was STARING at my foot, the area i knocked started SWELLING at an immense speed and soon, a huge bump (of blood) appear beneath my skin.


here’s how it looks like after i placed my leg on the table for 10 mins to prevent more blood from going down to my feet, to prevent it from further swelling.

it’s really painful and i didnt know a gentle knock could do that much hard. after the persuasion of a few colleagues, i decided to ice it with a DIY ice pack.

innovative right?! that numbed my foot a little and reduced the swell a bit.. which is good, considering that i had my first dance rehearsal for the pageant tonight. i was literally limping before i iced it.

anyway, about the rehearsal. loads of catwalking, walk walk, swing arms, cross legs, pose! turn and turn and i think my legs almost got tied into knots.. especially when i am in 4″ heels (3″ is a must for the rehearsal!)

and so, it quite hilarious even though i didn’t have any pictures to show. 🙂

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