good bye.

noticed a slight pain in my right foot yesterday and when i took a closer look, my last toe nail is dislodged and hanging by a really thin piece of skin. i didn’t pull it out cos there was pain and i didn’t want it to bleed.

this morning, while i was wearing covered shoes to work.. the pain was unbearable and i took a pair of scissors and cut the skin.

my first reaction upon knowing that nail is dropping out is… omg! my pedicure! Bimbo i know, but… you’ll know why when u see the photos of it. the last time i dropped that nail was when i was a kid.. i was running and kicked the poles along the stairways (in those olden shop houses) and the impact was so great the entire nail fell off and it was bleeding badly.

and could you tell the reason why i had to be bimbotic?! my feet now looked so weird!

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